Update Notes

Realms of Ruin - 1.2 Update Notes

Hail Commanders!

We are pleased to bring you Update 1.2 which addresses a number of issues and feedback shared by you.

Significant Changes Of Note:

  • New 'Hold' and 'Engage' squad stances:
    • Mouse & Keyboard - With a squad or squads selected: press CTRL+G to swap to 'Engage' stance and press CTRL+H to swap to 'Hold' stance.
    • Gamepad - With a squad or squads selected: hold A. Whilst holding A, tap Right Bumper (RB) to swap to 'Engage' stance or tap Left Bumper (LB) to swap to 'Hold' stance.
  • Squad abilities have been made more responsive.
  • Upgraded from AMD FSR2 to FSR3 for improved upscaling and performance.
    • N.b. Using this option at low framerates may cause visual issues. This can be mitigated by turning off V-Sync and turning On Triple Buffering.
  • 'Quick Save' and 'Quick Load' introduced. These are bound to F5 (Quick Save) and F8 (Quick Load) when using mouse and keyboard.
  • 4 New maps available to play in multiplayer, AI skirmish and conquest modes:
    • Epicentre - A 2vs2 map based in the Sulfa biome.
    • Rotting Maw - A 1vs1 map based in the Swamp biome.
    • Eternal Siege - A 1vs1 map based in the Tundra biome.
    • Creeping Drought - A 1vs1 map based in the Sulfa biome.


  • Reduced the Realmstone cost of some late game abilities across all factions:
    • Evocators "Empowering aura" 115 -> 110.
    • Annihilators "Force of a falling star" 175 -> 130.
    • Stormdrake Guard "Draconic Flamestream/Fireball" 120 -> 110.
    • Lord Celestant "Furious Retribution" 125 -> 120, "Call forth the storm" 250 -> 230.
    • Troggoth "Breaka-harness" 175 -> 150.
    • Murknob "Breath of the Mire-drakes" 150 -> 140.
    • Gobsprakk "Rippa Screech" 190 -> 175.
    • Killaboss on Gnashtoof "All part of da plan" 100 -> 90.
    • Guardian of Souls "Spectral Lure" 120 -> 110.
    • Mourngul "Ghastly Terror" 140 -> 130.
    • Awlrach the Drowner "Passage through the Underworlds" 200 -> 180, "Dragged to the Depths" 175 -> 140
    • Ogroid Thaumaterge "Choking Tendrils" 170 -> 150.
    • Lord of Change "Infernal Gateway" 300 -> 275, "Rod of Sorcery" 150 → 120.
  • Changed cost of Yndrasta, from 680C/320RS -> 660C/330RS.
  • Increased the Stormcast “Deepstrike” faction ability costs, from 1.3x -> 1.5x the squad cost.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of the Nighthaunt's early game:
    • Reduced the Chainrasp squad cost from 110 -> 100 command.
    • Reduced Craventhrone Guard ranged auto damage.
    • Reduced the power of the Craventhone Guard "Spectral Bolts" ability:
      • Increasing the CD from 45 -> 60s.
      • Increasing the Realmstone cost from 40 -> 45.
      • Additionally, reducing the damage to the initial squad hit.
    • Reduced melee damage for Craventhrone Guard.
    • Reduced the Craventhone Guard “Hunter of Champions” damage to heroes buff from 2x -> 1.5x.
    • Reduced the heal on the Knight of Shrouds "Stolen Hours" ability.
    • Reduced Myrmourn Banshee melee damage.
  • Improvements to Kruleboyz early game to make them more sustainable:
    • Reduced poison tick from 10 -> 8 second.
    • Gutrippaz melee damage increased.
    • Hobgrotz melee damage increase.
    • Passive "Slitta Mobz" ability cooldown is halved, from 10-5 seconds and tweaked the rate at which that increases slightly.
    • Reducing "Lob Em" cost from 40 -> 35 Realmstone.
    • Adjustments to the Kruleboy technology unlock “Venom Dipped Bolts”:
      • Reduced damage increase from 9 -> 3 per tick.
      • Reduced poison tick from 10 -> 8 second.
  • Other miscellaneous balance changes:
    • Decreased Da Retch duration 120s -> 60s.
    • Decreased Da Retch cooldown 240s -> 180s.
      • Increased Screamer melee damage from 11 -> 12 (this includes reducing their modifier damage as well to compensate).
      • Making sure ability with AOE effects affect structures correctly.


  • Various crash and stability fixes.
  • Fixed a crash which would occur if you clicked hotkeys to save and load a game simultaneously.
  • Fixed a crash which would occur if a bastion is destroyed whilst the player is aiming a bastion ability.
  • Fixed a crash in Chapter 1 caused by killing the Troggoth too early.
  • Fixed an issue when previewing a map and pressing two buttons simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue in Chapter 13 caused by a a retreating Killaboss becoming unstoppable near a Command Post.


  • Fixed an issue whereby the chapter 9 objective markers were the wrong way around.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Dankfeer in-game award to not unlock correctly on chapter 9.
  • Fixed an issue on chapter 14 whereby the number for secondary objective 'Munition caches remaining' was incorrect.
  • Fixed a Bastion not appearing during a cutscene in chapter 16.


  • Mouse Cursor should no longer appear during cinematics.


  • You can now heal at Command Posts which are under construction.
  • You are no longer blocked from giving movement orders to a group of squads after you have retreated a single squad from that group.
  • Fixed an issue where using Chain Lightning on a unit could stop the unit from attacking or retreating.
  • Extended the animation time when destroying a Tzeentch Bastion to match the other factions.
  • Selecting 'Play Again' after a match will now remember AI difficulty.
  • Fixed 'Stolen Hours' voice over line playing incorrectly when the 'Stolen Days and Years' ability is used.
  • Tzeentch Tier 4 Super Ability "Plea to the Silver Tower" does not fire when the template highlight is active but the base laser firing position is in the fog of war.
  • Tier 1 Tech "Fight Like Mork" does not apply to Dankfeer the Wyrmslayer Deluxe DLC Skin.
  • Fix for Beast-Skewer Killbow becoming stuck on the realmgate when spawned on specific maps.

Art & Animation:

  • Various minor art & animation fixes.


  • Various minor UI fixes.
  • Awards can now be filtered by 'Complete' and 'Incomplete' status.
  • Complete and incomplete awards have had a styling update so they are easier to differentiate between.
  • The game will now pause when the steam overlay is opened.
  • Changing the Open Upgrades Menu keybinding will now update on the UI properly
  • When reaching level 100 your experience should no longer be misreported.
  • Selecting 'Play Again' in AI Skirmish mode will now retain previous match settings.


  • 2vs2 map Sulfabed - Fixed an issue preventing Boltboyz from firing from high terrain.

Map Editor:

  • Yndrasta and Gobsprakk will now have a custom Palette option when you place them in the Map Editor.
  • Fixed a bug where navigating through the Photo Mode menu upwards would skip every other option.
  • Photo mode settings are now saved between map editor sessions.

Army Livery:

  • Fixed an issue which would cause Gobsprakk to stop animating in the army livery editor.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Lord Of Change's livery being changed.


  • Various text and localisation fixes.
  • Fixed incorrect Battletome info for the Flamers of Tzeentch Conflagration upgrade.
  • Fixed incorrect Battletome info for the Hobgrot Slittaz.


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