Update Notes

Realms of Ruin - 1.1.1 Update Notes

Hail Commanders!

We are pleased to release Update 1.1.1 which addresses a number of issues.


  • Fixed an issue causing server disconnection errors
  • Fixed a crash which could occur after repeatedly changing window modes in the map editor
  • Fixed a softlock when retreating during a cut-scene in Mission 13
  • Fixed a rare crash on artillery death
  • Fixed a rare crash during ability use


  • Fixed Kruleboyz AI over-using Man-Skewer Boltboyz towards the end of the game
  • Fixed an issue stopping you from viewing the spectator player card in a custom lobby
  • Fixed an animation issue where the Man-Skewer Boltboyz would become jittery


  • Fixed an issue where Team 1's resources are visible to their opponent(s) in an Online match

Army Livery:

  • Fixed an issue where saving a colour to Slot 4 would not register the colour change
  • Fixed a bug where Gobsprakk's colours looked too similar

Once again, thank you to everyone who has sent in their feedback. Whilst we are not able to introduce all of your feedback for this update we are continuing to review the feedback and issues which have been shared with us and will keep you informed of any further updates.


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