Update Notes

Realms of Ruin - 1.1 Update Notes

Hail Commanders!

We are pleased to bring you Update 1.1 which addresses a number of issues and feedback shared since launch. 

Significant Changes Of Note:

  • Improved squad responsiveness by altering the reaction and turn speed of units
  • You can now retreat immediately when entering combat
  • Additional gameplay buffs will be applied to the player when playing on Warrior difficulty


  • Fixed a crash caused by skipping cinematics
  • Fixed a crash which would occur if you deleted an unloaded Map
  • Fixed an crash caused by lots of squads engaging in combat
  • Fixed a crash when backing out of the Workshop
  • Disconnecting from the internet whilst waiting for a server should no longer block the player from the game mode without a restart
  • Fixed a crash which could occur if you loaded a save during a cinematic
  • Fixed a crash when loading into an online match
  • Improved Tzeentch gameplay performance
  • Fixed a crash in the map editor when using the ramp tool
  • Fixed a series of player crashes


  • Fixed a graphical issue with the shield in the cinematics
  • Clouds in chapter 6 introductory cinematic should change more subtly 
  • Removed a UI marker from appearing in cinematics
  • Fixed some VFX appearing pixelated in a cinematic


  • There should no longer be a delay at the start of a level when you move units
  • Fixed an issue where AI player names would not display properly in spectator mode
  • Fixed an issue where ranged squads could become immobile when attacking
  • Made tweaks to AI so they do not prioritise defending victory points if there are better targets to attack
  • Fixed some titles in the Battletome which were not displaying correctly
  • Made improvements to AI bastion purchasing logic
  • Fixed an error when objectives could show incorrect values in the campaign
  • Fixed a bug where artillery squads would fire projectiles at unusual angles. No more crossbow trickshots
  • Brimstone Horrors will now be able to attack the Lord of Change. They've got over their fear
  • Fixed an error where a spectator could not join the lobby
  • Demechrios's artefact light should not longer remain visible if he dies
  • Fixed a unit pathing issue on the map Sodden
  • Made improvements to how the AI attacks command posts
  • Made improvements to make it easier to target guard towers
  • Chainrasps will no longer stop in place after using their Reinforcement ability
  • Fixed an issue where captured victory points would show as neutral on the minimap
  • Fixed various issues with challenge, objective, and research information not displaying correctly

Campaign Fixes:

  • Chapter 1- Fixed some missing VFX on the Troggoth
  • Chapter 1 - Fixed an issue with weapon physics when units get knocked back
  • Chapter 2 - Fixed an issue where Kruleboyz units would not defend second conduit
  • Chapter 2 - Murkfang will no longer fail to retreat
  • Chapter 4 - Fixed a Black Screen which could occur after skipping Chapter 4 cinematic and transitioning into gameplay
  • Chapter 4 - Daemonic Reinforcement ability should now be available after researching it in Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5 - Fixed Destroy all guard towers within 10 minutes challenge not completing correctly
  • Chapter 6 - Fixed a map boundary issue in Chapter 6
  • Chapter 6 -  The AI should now attack the command post quicker in Chapter 6
  • Chapter 8 - Fixed an objective alert persisting in incorrect conditions in Chapter 8
  • Chapter 8 - Fixed an objective marker appearing in a cutscene in Chapter 8
  • Chapter 8 - Troggoth will now vanish correctly after running away in Chapter 8
  • Chapter 10 - Units will no longer spawn in very slowly after the Cutscene in Chapter 10
  • Chapter 10 - Fixed an issue where Ripclaw could kill someone they shouldn't in Chapter 10
  • Chapter 10 - Fixed a bug where Chapter 10 could not be completed
  • Chapter 10 - Made changes to the command & realmstone available to Dankfeer in Chapter 10
  • Chapter 14 - Fixed an issue where Sacristan Engineers could get trapped by ammo caches in Chapter 14
  • Chapter 15 - Fixed a Black Screen which could occur at the start of Chapter 15
  • Chapter 16 - You can now no longer kill something you shouldn't Chapter 16
  • Chapter 16 - Fixed an issue with Mission Failure playing incorrectly in Chapter 16
  • Chapter 16 - Fixed an issue with movement orders causing pathing issues in Chapter 16
  • Chapter 17 - Fixed some floating rocks in Chapter 17
  • Chapter 18 - It is no longer possible to kill Lord Gloam before they can retreat in Chapter 18


  • Lobbies which are locked and loading into game will no longer appear in the browser
  • Fixed a rare issue where black boxes could appear in a 2V2 lobby after the player changed faction

Map Editor:

  • Improved performance in the map editor
  • Removed floating lamps from Ruined Courtyard asset
  • Renaming a created map will now change the name in the Workshop Upload screen
  • Fixed a UI bug which would show creations as Public rather than Private
  • Disabled the ability to save a map with inverted commas
  • Fixed issue with Raise/Lower controls not functioning in certain menus
  • Characters will now be listed in Army Types rather than Object Types
  • Navigable areas UI will now account for colour blindness options
  • Reorganised some menus to be more user friendly

Game Design:

  • Increased command cost of Nighthaunt tier one units
  • General AI balancing improvements


  • Local save names will now be shown when uploading a creation
  • Privacy settings should be retained and no longer need to be chosen per upload
  • Added an option to filter for local mods
  • Frontier accounts spread across multiple platforms can now download the same workshop creations
  • Searching for Maps with a blank character should no longer cause the server to time out
  • Fixed an issue where searching with multiple tags would only cause one tag to be searched
  • The Update icon will be disabled if no changes have been made
  • Workshop space indicator will now update correctly when subscribing to a creation
  • The minimap should no longer be displaying incorrectly for maps made in the editor


  • Acolyte retreat audio should be quieter. We appreciated their zeal but it was a bit much
  • Fixed a rare bug where Victory Point capture audio would continue to play
  • Made some improvements to the balance of voice and music in the campaign
  • Fixed an audio culling issue in Chapter 12
  • Fixed an issue where a cave being destroyed would incorrectly retrigger some SFX
  • Made the Wild Gnashtoof's footsteps a little quieter. Pupper feet have been set to stealth mode

Army Livery:

  • Fixed an issue where the Hallowed Knights and Knights Excelsior could have the incorrect name in the UI
  • Fixed an issue where you could not name a new palette in the army livery when selecting Manage in edit mode
  • Non-default army liveries will now apply to the starting squads


  • Made multiple improvements to text
  • Fixed multiple localisation issues


  • Made numerous fixes to address hotkey conflicts

Steam Deck Settings:

  • Made improvements to the Steam Deck Graphics Preset
  • Steam Deck Preset should be correctly named

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their feedback. Whilst we are not able to introduce all of your feedback for this update we are continuing to review the feedback and issues which have been shared with us and will keep you informed of any further updates.


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