Disciples of Tzeentch

Murderous cults dedicated to sorcerous rites, devious plots and the Changer of Ways.

Marching under the banner of the Disciples of Tzeentch are an offensive force of mortal cultists, daemons and mutated horrors. They excel at spellcasting and ranged attacks, unleashing devastating barrages of raw magic from afar.

Disciples of Tzeentch


Prepare your strategy by learning what makes each faction unique.

  • ror-tzeentch-traits_powerful-spellcasters.jpg

    Powerful Spellcasters

    The Disciples of Tzeentch are effective spellcasters, wielding arcane power to cast a wide array of offensive magic and enemy-weakening abilities.

  • ror-tzeentch-traits_arcane-barrages.jpg

    Arcane Barrages

    Tzeentch units conjure ranged attacks to gain a strategic advantage before their opponents can even engage in melee combat.

  • ror-tzeentch-traits_monstrous-daemons.jpg

    Monstrous Daemons

    Summon eldritch abominations, including the Lord of Change, a monstrous and powerful daemon, shimmering with raw magic and primed to open an all-consuming gateway to Chaos.


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