The Craven King and Gaunt Summoner Available Now!

The Craven King and Gaunt Summoner Available Now!

Hail Commanders!

Two mighty new heroes are making their way to Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin! Kurdoss, the Craven King for the Nighthaunt and the Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch.

Kurdoss Valentian, The Craven King, exerts his dire presence over the battlefields of Ghur to silence enemy squads and disrupt the command of foes. The ominous sight of The Craven King’s silently drifting throne in the ranks of the Nighthaunt signifies doom, as this heavy-hitting brawler wields the Sepulchral Sceptre to unleash death upon the enemy.

Meanwhile the Gaunt Summoner allows you to embrace the twisted trickery of Tzeentch, raining devastation from afar and tearing through reality itself to unleash the fury of summoned daemons. Wielding powerful spells and arcane abilities, reshaping the battlefield and turning the tide of the conflict in their favour.

Both playable heroes can be used in AI Skirmish, Multiplayer and the single player Conquest Mode, bringing all-new abilities to the field. Players can swap out their default hero units for one of these special characters, allowing them to tweak their overall strategic approach to the game.

Alongside these heroes we will be including a free update for all, featuring balance changes and bug fixes, alongside the community requested stances feature. You can read more about this free update in the Update Notes.

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