Stormcast Eternals

Celestial warriors who descend from the heavens, reforged from death time and time again to fight in the name of God-King, Sigmar.

Combining versatility with robust units, the Stormcast Eternals utilise a good balance of ranged and melee units. With the power of a tempest, Stormcast Eternal units have an answer to almost any situation that arises.

Stormcast Eternals


Prepare your strategy by learning what makes each faction unique.

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    Versatile force with a mixture of frontline fighters and ranged attackers.

  • aos_screenshots_6_stormcast-powerful-heroes_1920x1080.jpg

    Powerful Heroes

    Stormcast Eternal heroes inspire their squads and hold their own in combat with powerful abilities that can shift the scales of combat.

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    Elite Champions

    Stormcast Eternals excel when fighting in a combined force, requiring a costly investment of resources to hold their ground.


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