Orruk Kruleboyz

Cunning but brutal swamp-dwellers who prize deviousness over strength. To win by underhanded means is greater than any honour.

Foul and kunnin', Orruk Kruleboyz field sneaky grunts and dead-eye marksmen. Fearful of their imposing heroes, Orruk Kruleboyz stakeout the battlefield defensively before cruelly overwhelming the enemy with vicious war beasts.

Orruk Kruleboyz


Prepare your strategy by learning what makes each faction unique.

  • aos_screenshots_7_kruleboyz-stealth-surprise_1920x1080.jpg

    Stealth and Surprise

    Through the cunning use of stealth and surprise, they lure enemies into their territory where they overwhelm those foolish enough to dare.

  • aos_screenshots_8_kruleboys-green-tide_1920x1080.jpg

    Green Tide Rising

    Lacking brawn, Orruk Kruleboyz fight dirty, sacrificing weaker units to bring the full force of destruction with fighting beasts.

  • aos_screenshots_9_kruleboyz-kunnin-takticians_1920x1080.jpg

    Kunnin’ Takticians

    Orruk Kruleboyz heroes employ the lash and fierce words to bolster their underlings, increasing their damage and offensive output.


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