A spectral procession of phantoms who are fuelled by hatred and seek nothing less than to destroy all life.

The Nighthaunt can traverse terrain quickly, drifting across the battlefield and swarming their foes in great numbers. Emboldened by regenerating ethereal bonds and restorative necromancy, death is but the beginning for these ghostly warriors.



Prepare your strategy by learning what makes each faction unique.

  • ror-nighthaunt-trait-etherial-defenses_1920x1080.jpg

    Ethereal Defenses

    Ethereal magic bolsters their corporeal forms, regenerating their life essence over time and causing problems for any foes foolish enough not to fully exorcise them.

  • ror-nighthaunt-trait-engulfed-death_1920x1080.jpg

    Engulfed by Death

    These craven souls swarm enemies with large squad sizes and engulfing enemies in a horde of ghostly apparitions.

  • ror-nighthaunt-trait-necromantic-energies_1920x1080.jpg

    Necromantic Energies

    No procession is without its leader; Nighthaunt heroes specialise in restoring themselves and their servants to full strength in a crusade that never ends.


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