Gaunt Summoner

Gaunt Summoner

Strange daemon-sorcerers of Tzeentch, the Gaunt Summoners are custodians of the mysterious Silver Towers that link the Realm of Chaos to the mortal plane.

A powerful spell casting ranged hero, the summoner can undertake its namesake, summoning forth daemons to bolster forces and quick changing the tides of battles in their favour. Embrace the twisted trickery of Tzeentch and ascend to new heights of Eldritch power with the Gaunt Summoner. 

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    Book of Profane Secrets


    After using an ability, basic attacks are empowered for a short duration.

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    Infernal Flames


    Unleash Tzeentchian fire onto a targeted area, damaging enemies over time.

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    Silvered Portal


    Spawn to friendly squads at a targeted location within range.

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This DLC is included in

  • The Craven King and Gaunt Summoner Hero Pack

    The Craven King and Gaunt Summoner Hero Pack introduces two new playable heroes to Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin for Conquest Mode and Multiplayer mo...


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